About the Cluster

The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster associates polish SME’s and provide full range of waste management services for most categories of waste throughout the Poland and the EU countries and foreign as well.

The core of the Cluster make up a SME’s with Polish capital, involved in the collection, removal, treatment, recovery, recycling and transportation of all kinds of waste, manufacturers of machinery, equipment and technological lines for processing, recycling and disposal of waste as well as the manufacture of finished products using recycled material.

A support for the companies are scientific institutions, modern research and development centers and companies and institutions involved in business support.

Cluster is a platform and an area of cooperation of companies often competing that may as a result of synergy and access to specific resources (knowledge, new technologies, people, etc.) in the long term achieve more for their own measurable, economic development than staying outside the group .

However, clusters are increasingly built on the basis of functional criteria (how best to satisfy the market), and  then cluster members cooperate on the basis of complementarity, not competition, creating a value chain for the customer.

According to the definition of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), a cluster is:

• a geographical group of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service units, companies operating
in related sectors and related institutions (eg universities, standards units, professional associations and support institutions) in distinct, competing with each other, but also cooperating;

• the cluster is closely linked to the territory in which it operates, it is regionally rooted

• clusters are a specific form of production organisation consisting in concentration of flexible enterprises conducting complementary economic activity in close proximity to each other.

• they cooperate and compete at the same time, and have relations with other institutions active in the field in question

• the basis for the creation of a cluster are cooperative links between entities, generating processes of creation of specific knowledge and increasing adaptability