MINE.THE.GAP: second call is now open for application!

Second Call is now open for application

Call deadline

The call is open until 14 March 2022, 17:00. The call documents are available on the website under “Open Calls”. SMEs are invited to read the call text carefully and to submit as early as possible before the deadline to avoid any problems with the submission.

Find a collaboration partner

MINE.THE.GAP will fund collaborative activities between two or three for-profit and/or public SMEs that work in the raw materials and mining sector, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing, Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy. They need to come from at least two of the MINE.THE.GAP consortium countries or from a country of the Mining Industry Smart Specialisation Platform, which are: Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, or Sweden. Each interested SME can apply with one or several projects in one or more calls in accordance with its needs and can manifest their interest in the collaboration platform offered by MINE.THE.GAP. For this, SMEs are invited to create a profile.


Agnieszka Zdanowicz, a.zdanowicz@klasterodpadowycom

Sławomir Pyciński,