Polska Korporacja Recyklingu

Uniform, high purity and uniformity fractions of post-recycling plastics (ABS, PS, PC / ABS, PP, PMMA) without flame retardants – these are plastics (types listed in brackets, separated generically) without flame retardants or flame retardants (which contain in their structure atoms such elements as chlorine, bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen, boron or aluminum, which increase the resistance of the material to fire) for recycling their lack in the product is important because you can not recycle (subject to recycling proce

sses) materials containing them. Plastics mixed with flame retardants or containing flame retardants are only suitable for recycling.

Therefore, we propose regrinds of the above mentioned factions, ready for recycling processes. Each fraction is separated singly by the highest quality separators, in addition each lot is randomly subjected to quality verification processes, both in terms of uniformity and quality of the prepared fraction, which is why we are sure that the products coming out of our production are of high quality.


Paulina Dąbrowska

Key Account Manager

e-mail: paulina@pkrecykling.pl

mobile: +48 607 300 554